Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keep Healthcare a CHOICE!

It's that time of year again. Be prepared to hear the push for your annual FLU Vaccine. This particular Blog isn't about really whether you agree with them or not. This is strictly about choice.

I am concerned as a parent as well as a professional in healthcare that there are so many attempts lately to DISCOURAGE freedom of choice. California is/ has proposed vaccinating children as young as 12 with ALL current and future vaccinations WITHOUT NOTIFYING PARENTS. That's right, it would be legal for school officials to forcefully vaccinate your children AGAINST THE CHILDS WILL and WITHOUT INFORMING THE PARENTS. There will be no choice in this matter, as well as no culpability for ANYONE INVOLVED if there are any reactions!

Again, This isn't even about whether to do or not to do, however with such a heated topic of varying opinions, in this great country, shouldn't this along with many other decisions be just informed decision. You see, more folks are "choosing" to not have these procedures performed, not merely not having them done out of apathy.

What is the condition of our social structure when I can be thrown in jail for not succumbing to something I choose not to do. Something that has no ill-effect on any other human being in a hurtful or deleterious manner by my personal decision and action? That as a parent, they won't even have to place you in jail for the night for your decision, but rather take that option away from you altogether. The government of California is quelling the opposition by stating "they" are footing the bill, and not the parents. Well, how do you think that is happening. They take your child, force a medical procedure on them that you may not agree with, nor have any responsibility financially for if something goes wrong ( that will be the parents responsibility), and the local government will pay for it alright...................with your tax dollars! Problem is that there are too many to profit handsomely from this type of arrangement. They can sell their product, have everyone forced to use, and have complete immunity from any potential lawsuits from use of that product. What other industry could brag of such a racket and monopoly?

The point is that this IS REALLY HAPPENING as this blog is being written. I would encourage everyone to educate themselves, and make their own choices...............and unfortunately now have to stand up and fight just to keep that choice alive.

Please take part in arming yourself with knowledge and freedom that make this country great.
A couple good starting resources are: (Public Awaress and legal group) ( Dr Mercola, DO) (Dr Tenpenny, DO) ( Dr Robert Mendelsohn, MD -Pediatrician)

**************these are MEDICAL and legal resources, because unfortunately although you as a patient may not know it, many of your healthcare providers don't agree with these procedures either. They don't have them done to themselves or their children, however their "contracts" with various hospitals state that they will at least "endorse" these procedures to the public and perform them as a part of their employment obligation!!
Very true, you may be surprised if you ask around a bit over a "comfortable" setting than in their offices.

This BLOG was written in the spirit of keeping our FREEDOM OF CHOICE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

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