Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ear Infections

With the onset of Spring, there are pollens in the air. With that, every health care practitioners office is filled with allergy sufferers................but have we thought about the Pediatric patient? We also tend to see a surgence in EAR INFECTIONS at this time as well.

I am reminded by this while having a conversation with by daughters Principal about her own child's ear infections. She asked about Chiro Care and Ear infections. As far as symptomatic care goes, often times ear infections represent some of the largest case load of a Chiropractor, but not many people are aware of that.

She was pleased to realize that ear infections are often treated by Chiropractors usually very easily and quickly. Moreover I explained that while I do often initially gently "adjust" a child in their upper cervical (neck) as required, that I often help the child most by actually "teaching" the parents techniques for aiding to relieve the causal factors in ear infections.

Usually 1 or 2 adjustments and the "ear infection" is gone, not miraculously, but rather by the child's own natural healing ability and making that possible through a gentle adjustment.

The parents are always taught helpful home remedies such as:
How to gently mobilize the external ear
How to gently help lymphatic drainage
Temporarily ( at least) removing aggrivating factors such as cow milk, wheat, potentially
gluten or other "sensitive" foods until the infection clears up.
Homeopathic use as appropriate., etc.
**Although we are familiar with Antibiotic Prescriptions for ear infections, they are actually very seldom necessary with the right action taken, even the AAPP recognizes this and says the same. When appropriate, yes we refer for this as any good Doctor will do for their patient, but agian, this is the smallest minority if a child is taken care of correctly and wholistically.

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