Thursday, August 26, 2010

September is "Chiropractic Awareness Month"

September is Chiropractic Awareness Month! September is an important date to all Chiropractors as this month in 1895 is when the "birth" of Chiropractic was.

The first "Chiropractic" adjustment was given to a man in Davenport, IA by the name of Harvey Lillard who was the janitor of a Doctor named DD Palmer. Mr Lillard was deaf, well mostly, and upon examinination, Dr Palmer found no physiological problem with his ears, however found his spine to have been "misaligned" just inbetween the shoulder area. Upon using his reasoning to "adjust" this misaligned area, Dr Palmer used his hands to help guide the vertebra back into place..........and move it did. After a couple times of doing this, Mr Lillard noted that he was able to hear again slowly. The ironic part was that people actually started coming from all over the world to Davenport, IA to see Dr Palmer hoping he had found a cure for hearing loss. This was in fact not the case. Dr Palmer did find however, that many ailments within the body can often be related to spinal issues if there is one. Does this mean that ALL problems come from the spine and need adjusting...........certainly not, however there are many that do and unfortunately do not get attended to....................hence, September is Chiropractic "Awareness" month.

Modern science has been able to reason why that particular adjustment helped Mr Lillard to regain hearing as that region of the spine where he was badly misaligned (Subluxated) has much control over nervous messaging and blood flow back up into the head and hearing apparatus.....................shut down the blood and nerve flow into your arm and watch it die, remove that obstruction to the normal flow of blood and nerve, and watch it regain life just as with his ears or any other body part affected this way. For interested persons there is much research on Chiropractic, by many MD's such as Drs Windsor, DeNagy, Pero, Suh, and more that relate the imortance of Chiropractic Adjustive treatments for many conditions.

It really is that simple and that is why Chiropractic cures nothing! We only restore the integrity of the spine and nervous system so that all those messages flow more like they are supposed to. Doing that is how it works, as the body is always completely capable of healing itself. You restore that ability and then health restores on its own. The body cures...................there is no cure in Medicine or Chiropractic alike. A pound of medicine or 100 adjustments will never cure any body that is not "able" to essentially do the work on its own..........................Medicine and Chiropractic alike can only help to find the best means by which to "aid" the body in self-correction. The "cure" is within, always has been and always will be!

So........this month we are honoring the body's natural ability to heal through Chiropractic Awareness. ALL CONSULTATIONS will be at no charge in September. We do this so that patients "know and understand" their options for health. Chiropractic and Medicine are both great tools (that in my personal opinion should do a much better job of working together for patients), but like any tool, is made for a specific job. There is no tool to handle all problems, so come by and get your FREE consultation to see if Chiropractic is the right "tool" for you.

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