Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ear Infections

I had a 2 year old come in to me a week ago on his 6th course of antibiotics due to recurrent ear infections. The mother quizically asked me how Chiropractic could possible help with ear infections since she knows that I see a lot of children.

A question tendered this way tells me that unfortunatly like all too many parents out there, that they don't readily consider Chiropractic for their kids health because they see it as a painrelie tool. Of course, as usual I would say this is furthest from the truth.

Here's how it works, so consider this:
There generally is no rogue bacteria involved in an ear infection. There is generally subluxation in the childs upper neck, just at or below the skull. Children are more prone to ear infection as their little heads are more "round" than an adults "oblong" head; what this means is that an adults ear canal will more naturally drain with gravity than a childs. If there is any subluxation in the neck or in the cranial bones for that matter (yes........they can misalign slightly as well) then this tends to also limit the normal fluid flow in the ears. Without normal flow, what do you think happens............that's right.......where there in no flow there is an increased opportunity to allow bacteria to grow...........just like that fish tank with the broken pump that you never ends up mucky and green and all you need to is restore flow and balance to make it healthy again............or wait, maybe some fish antibiotics would be easier? Afterall, that would require less effort.

In uncomplicated ear infections, Chiropractic is actually one of the most well-known treatment modalities with some of the highest success stories.

Things to look out for:
*Tugging at the ear
*General Malaise (tired and fatigued)
*Fever (Don't knee jerk the Ibuprophen here, fever can actually be beneficial, check with
your Chiropractor, GP or Pediatrician first)

Things to consider doing:
*Generally, take the kiddo off the cow's milk immediately. It isn't helping things
*Get the ear looked at. I look into ears and eyes all the time in my practice. Look, and find
out what's going on.
*If necessary, an Adjustment can do wonders. Along with an adjustment, manual
manipulation of the ear, lymphatic system can also stir things up to start healing........
..... I teach my parents how to do everything but the adjustment at home on their own
to help their uncomfortable child.
* There are many OTC oil blends such as Olive, grape seed, etc. that are fantastic, however
you must have the ear looked into first as putting oil into a perforated ear drum is never
*Reconsider the antibiotics, yes, sometimes necessary in the worst cases occassionally,
however this in no longer considered the standard of care by the American Academy of
Pediatricians. For that matter, niether is the use of Tubes.
*There are many Homeopathic remedies that work wonders as well, check with your
Chiropractor, Hoeopath, or Naturopath on this one.
* Basically, take a conservative approach to allowing the body to heal itself or a treatment
that supports good self-healing.

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