Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Obese vs. "Normal" individual
Obesity is a grave problem in our American society. Note that it isn't just a "problem" on the outside appearance, it is also a tremendous problem on the "inside." This is a large topic that we could spend a lot of time on, however please note the amount of "fat" surrounding the internal organs and heart. Think that could contribute to high blood pressure, lack of breath, and poor digestion? And that is just the mechanical force of this fat on the organs, not to mention the "bio- chemical" problems involved such as Diabetes.

Although these images make it very obvious that there is a problem here. It may be easier to think of individuals (or yourself for that matter) as either in balance (Homeostasis) or not!
Balance = Healthy Imbalanced = Unhealthy
Chiropractic, Nutrition, Acupuncture, etc are all healing arts that focus in bringing the body into greater "balance" so that it can function and heal as it is supposed to. For that matter, even your typical Medical "symptom" care is afforded better results the closer the individual is towards balance. Unfortunately many of us wait and wait..................and wait on our problems until we are so out of balance with our body, that we then require a large degree of treatment just to get us a small percentage better.

How does Chiropractic fit into obesity? Well, consider that Chiropractors are the second largest leading health profession in the world behind "Medicine, " and that our primary focus in on prevention and maintenance of your health and well-being "before" you get sick. As well, we are focused on "correcting" the imbalances in your body that got you ill or in pain in the first place, rather than simply covering up your symptoms. Chiropractors are all trained in Nutrition as a part of their schooling (Chiropractic Hours = 120 Hours + ; Medical hours = 0).

If you are able to walk into our offices, then there is more "right" with you than "wrong" with you and you are capable of healing to some degree. A part of the Chiropractic Treatment regimen is often to modify your diet for optimal balanced function of your body. Chiropractors generally look at your body from the perspective of "4 Essentials" ( as in 4 essentials to life).
1. Proper Nervous system function 2. Food 3. Water 4. Air........................take any 1 away and you die, diminish one or more and you are out of balance and therefore not in a place of optimal health.

Do you really want to wait so long that those imbalances require drugs, surgery, or other severe interventions that could have been easily avoided?

Yours in health, wellness, and "balance",

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