Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stinkin Thinkin

In Chiropractic we refer to the blockage of normal energy flow within the nervous system via the spine as..........subluxation. We recognize that there are primarily (3) forms of stress that will cause "subluxation." Subluxation = diminished healing, diminished health, etc. because there is diminished homeostasis...........or your ability to efficiently adapt to your environment (i.e. you shiver when its cold, get a fever to heal an illness.............yes, fever is normal and good 99% of the time!)

Subluxation is caused by: negative thoughts, traumas, and toxins. Guess which one we see the most of in any health institution? Nope, not those nasty car accidents and injuries causing back pain. * It's the "stinkin thinkin!" Therefore in Chiropractic circles we say that that largest "subluxtion" is almost between the patient's ears! How could any person ever perceive better health if they can't at least initially conceive the idea in the first place. If you can't visualize something, obviously you will never have it. Any person that is ill, MUST at least "hope" and conceive of the idea that they could be healthy and that they would choose health, rather than complaining about the same old problem. The answer to a problem seldom ever exists at the level of the problem. Often the idea of something different being possible with a little willingness on the part of a patient is all it takes to generate the catylst of a change towards better health and therefore a better life!

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