Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swine FLU concerns

SWINE FLU concerns ?
Rather than taking fast-tracked and speculative vaccines this year for the flu, and especially for the SWINE flu, I would like to encourage my patients and everyone to consider first a household item that we are all familiar with..............Vitamin D. Research is showing that decreased amounts of vitamin D in our bodies may be responsible for our increased susceptibility to the flu virus. Research is also showing that those who supplement with Vitamin D (cholecalciferol -- Vit D3) are much less likely to get ill during the flu season. Some sources, such as Dr Mercola essentially state that if enough is supplemented, then a person will effectively lower their chances of becoming ill with the flu to near zero.
The speculation here is that vitamin D is needed for the body to appropriately fight viral infections (and general immune system function), and that although the body produces Vitamin with appropriate sunlight exposure, during the darker months we don't get as much exposure to sun and therefore less vitamin D production.This follows with apparent immune-suppression, allowing us to become more susceptible. Note that this is also known to be an issue in cultures, such as some middle eastern countries, where it is standard social practice that women completely cover their bodies. This often leads to similar problems for them when it isn't even FLU season. Please remember that a suppressed immune system is the one that isn't doing it's job at 100% and turns up with an infection that is often due to some "normal" bacteria or virus that we are encountering on the daily basis anyway!
Other considerations for the FLU:

Methylene Blue:
know for years to kill viruses in the body. Full glass of H2O, (1) Tablespoon of H2O2 (peroxide), and few drops of Methylene Blue and Drink. Your Urine and tongue will be blue for a while, but choose blue urine or the's up to you.
Homeopathics: Go to any natural foods store and ask! They will guide you as here are many.
-cold an flu spray
-Actinum Napellus
-Oscillococcinum name just a few!
Vitamin C: about 5000mg powdered per day to help with infections.
Iodine: Kills all single-celled organisms and viruses. Take about 12-13mg per day. Sources are Kelp, i-Thyroid (R) , Iodoral (R), to name a few.
Colloidal Silver: nano particles of silver are known to kill microorganisms effectively.....even MRSA(Staph) and pseudomonas. Take about a teaspoon full a day when you feel like you could use an antibiotic......don't necessarily need daily.
Essential Oils: Common ones such as, cinnamon, clove oil, coconut oil, mikes with raw local honey as a mixture can make a very healing "herbal tea."
**Note that even Tamiflu(R) itself is primarily comprised of an asian herb called "star anise."

We hope that this information helps those interested to find natural and healthy ways of taking control of their health even in the wake of the social fear that seems to currently be taking it's toll into rushed and experimental answers that may be more dangerous than helpful.

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